There are many EdTech tools are in the market that keeps students and teachers more engaged. As online learning platforms has rapid growth due post pandemic. Platforms like Pear Deck, NearPod, and Lumio offer a wide range of courses that allows teachers to create more engaging activities like various question types and formats, while Quizizz focuses on multiple-choice quizzes.

Let me explain you in a nutshell. – Join a PearDeck Session | Enter the Pear Deck Code (Join Pear Deck), a Google Slides add-on, allows teachers to create presentations, quizes, trivia where students join lesson by entering the alphabetical code. The assessment tool is designed to enhance teacher- student engagement by providing real-time response and customized guidance. 

Now students can easily join the lessons with just a few clicks in the comfort of their homes and get immediate feedback to their classroom performance from the teachers at the end of the session. They engage the interactive sessions instantly by memorizing the lessons more effectively. 

Moreover, the Join PD assessment tool features allows the students to actively participate in multiple choice questions, polls, quizzes, and drawing tools which helps the teachers to interact with students in a more effective way. 

With the help of the JoinPD, teachers can create Captivating tasks, polls, quizzes and monitor every student with the help of the Google Slides in more engaging and more sessions. Students can join the lessons online by entering the code usually 6 letters long which helps the teacher to keep track of each student’s responses.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of entering the pear deck code to join a lesson on JoinPD Com assessment tool, as well as explore the range of add-on features and resources available to educational institutions 

How to Enter Pear Deck Code to Join Lesson/Session on JoinPD?

To Join a Lesson/Session, the first step is to enter your peardeck code. Teachers need to give code to the students to initiate the joining process.

  • First, make sure that you have the pear-deck code ready shared by your teacher to join a lesson/sesssion.
  • Visit the Official Website : or from your browser.
  • After the visiting the official website, you’ll be asked tto enter the code.
Enter the Pear Deck Code on JoinPD Com
Enter PearDeck join code on
  • Enter the alphabetic code provided by your teacher in the white box. The code will typically be a 6 letter alphabetical code. You can only enter lower case letters, so don’t worry about lower and upper case. If you’re not logged into your Gmail or Microsoft account, you will be prompted to login.
  • Login to your Gmail or Microsoft email account.
  • If you do no have a Gmail or Microsoft Office email account, then you must sign up for one first
  • Once you’re logged in, automatically join a lesson/session link shared by your teacher.
  • Alternatively, you can join a PearDeck session by visiting the web address URL : (example). By visiting the URL, you’ll automatically join a lesosn shared by your teacher.

Teacher Login Procedure – Create a Pear Deck Lesson

Teachers needs to know the login procedure here to create a pear deck session. So follow the guide step by step to create new or drop a premade templates for your presentations.You need to Log in to Pear Deck platform using your Google or Microsoft account:

  • After clicking, you will asked to sign in Gmail or Microsoft office 365 account
  • Accept Pear Deck permissions
  • Enter US postal code and the name of your school
  • Next click on “Get Started”.
  • Create a Lessson.

Pear Deck Features

Pear Deck offers a variety of features that are customised to meet the professional development needs of educational institutions. Here are some key features you can expect to find:

On-Demand Webinars and Training: Pear Deck educators provides access on-demand webinars and training sessions, enabling educators to learn at their own pace. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from introductory guides to advanced implementation strategies.

Customized Workshops: PearDeck educator offers customized workshops to address specific institutional goals or district-wide initiatives. These workshops can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your educational institution.

Community Collaboration & Idea Sharing: PearDeck, a vibrant community of educators, providing a platform for community collaboration & idea-sharing. Engage in discussions, exchange best practices, and connect with like-minded professionals through online forums and social media groups.

JoinPD Ongoing Support:They are committed to providing continuous support to its users. Stay up-to-date with the latest resources, updates, and advancements in the field of education by accessing JoinPD’s ongoing support channels.

PearDeck Subscription Plans

PearDeck platform offers a range of subsciption-plans to suit the needs of different educational institutions. 

Pear Deck Basic plan

The basic plan is free and provides teachers with the ability to create interactive lessons using various question types, polls, quizzes, and formative assessments. This plan seamlessly integrates with Google and Microsoft classroom tools. 

Pear Deck Premium plan

For educators looking for additional features and support, the pricing structure of Pear Deck starts at $149.99 per year for an individual premium plan. This plan includes personalized feedback, unlimited storage for templates, and priority email support. 

Pear Deck Custom Plans

For schools and districts seeking a tailored solution, Pear Deck offers custom pricing plans. Educational Institutions interested in exploring these options can directly contact Pear Deck team to receive specific pricing details. 

Conclusion allows teachers to easily interact with students . By participating in interactive sessions like multiple choice questions, polls, quizzes, drawing tools and work towards continuously improving classroom experiences for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is How do students join the lesson ?, a Google Slides add-on, allows teachers to create presentations where students join lessons by entering the pear deck join code.

How will teachers interact with students?

The teachers will interact with students through pear assessment platform that allows the students to actively participate in interactive sessions like multiple choice questions, polls, quizzes, drawing tools.

Can I present the same Pear Deck Codefor multiple classes?

You can also present the same ID again to begin a new sessions for a different group of students

Can I get personalised support from Pear Deck Tutor ?

Yes..!! We Promise you to get personal support from PearDeck Tutors that offers live, on-demand & one on one sessions to educate the students in countless subjects.

How Pear Assessment provides automatic grading & provides crystal clear insights ?

Pear Assessment is a flexible platform primarily designed for straightforward classroom assessments. It allows tailored customization for automatic grading system and provide clear insights.

What is the Pear Deck’s pricing structure for an Individual ?

The pricing structure of Pear Deck starts at $149.99 per year for an individual premium plan.

Pear Deck VS Nearpod: Which One’s Better?

When comparing Nearpod, PearDeck is more versatile that allows teachers to create more engaging activities like various question types and formats, while Quizizz focuses on multiple-choice quizzes.