GoGuardian and Pear Deck Join Forces to Enhance Digital Learning and Engagement in K-12 Education

GoGuardian, a prominent EdTech company dedicated to optimizing digital learning experiences for K-12 students, announced today its merger with Pear Deck, a leading student engagement platform. This strategic move combines two of the education sector’s fastest-growing entities under one roof, enhancing their capacity to innovate and expand into new synergistic areas.

The merger is set to fortify the commitment of both companies to create safer, more engaging learning environments for students. GoGuardian, known for its comprehensive suite of tools that monitor learning patterns, safeguard students from inappropriate content, and provide crucial support for at-risk students, collaborates with over 10,000 schools and protects more than 10 million students across the United States.

Pear Deck, with its origins deeply rooted in educational practices, has been instrumental in advancing academic achievement and classroom culture. Utilized in over 17,000 schools globally, Pear Deck’s tools, designed by educators, have demonstrated significant impact on enhancing teaching experiences and student outcomes.

The integration with Pear Deck will allow GoGuardian to expand its educational toolkit, adding robust curriculum and instructional technology resources. “Joining forces with Pear Deck aligns perfectly with our vision to enrich classroom experiences and meet the dynamic needs of modern educators and students,” stated Advait Shinde, co-founder and CEO of GoGuardian. “Our combined expertise sets the stage for developing cutting-edge digital learning tools.”

Riley Eynon-Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Pear Deck, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Pear Deck’s commitment to empowering teachers and enriching student learning every day. “Our collaboration with GoGuardian marks a significant step forward in creating innovative solutions that support educational communities,” said Eynon-Lynch.

This merger is particularly timely, as both companies have proven to be invaluable in facilitating not only traditional classroom learning but also in adapting to the demands of remote and hybrid educational models during the pandemic.

The merger was orchestrated by GoGuardian and its financial partner, Sumeru Equity Partners (SEP), with Vista Point Advisors facilitating Pear Deck’s integration. Michal Eynon-Lynch, co-founder and Chief Educator at Pear Deck, will join the GoGuardian Board of Directors as part of the agreement. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed.

About GoGuardian: GoGuardian is an advocate for the transformative power of education. By offering tools that enhance productive and secure digital learning, GoGuardian plays a pivotal role in improving educational outcomes for students nationwide. Its dedicated Research and Insights team continually explores how technology can foster better learning experiences. More information is available at www.goguardian.com.

About Pear Deck: Founded by a team of educators, Pear Deck is driven by the mission to craft memorable learning experiences for every student daily. Its engagement platform is a staple in one-third of U.S. schools, designed to be inclusive and accessible, promoting equitable student participation. Discover more at www.peardeck.com.

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