GoGuardian Introduces One-Click Tutoring Integration for GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Assessment

Digital education company GoGuardian has unveiled new integrations that merge its Pear Deck Tutor platform with its GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Assessment products. This development enables seamless access to tutoring resources for students with just one click.

A newly introduced “Assign Tutoring” button within GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Assessment empowers teachers to arrange personalized, one-on-one live tutoring sessions for students across all subjects and grade levels. This feature operates in real-time, leveraging student performance and assessments to match them with suitable tutoring resources, as highlighted by the company.

Sharad Gupta, Chief Product Officer at GoGuardian, emphasized the significance of these integrations in enhancing the student learning experience while alleviating the pressure on teachers to individually provide personalized instruction. Gupta stated, “We’re not only enhancing the learning journey for students but also relieving the burden on teachers as the sole providers of personalized instruction, helping to ensure every student receives the tailored support they need to thrive.”

GoGuardian Teacher serves as a comprehensive classroom management platform, empowering educators to create curated online learning environments tailored to students’ needs. This platform enables teachers to gain real-time insights, ensuring students can learn safely and responsibly at their own pace. Teachers can seamlessly integrate personalized guidance or additional challenges for specific learners while continuing with the rest of the class as planned.

On the other hand, Pear Assessment offers educators a robust platform to design and administer curriculum-aligned assessments, access instant data-driven insights, and monitor standards mastery efficiently. Additionally, Pear Assessment provides valuable data to assess the effectiveness of assigned tutoring through pre- and post-tutoring assessments. Educators can track student progress using Standards Progress Reports and Whole Learner Reports, facilitating the design of effective intervention strategies.

For educators interested in implementing one-on-one online tutoring within their classrooms, GoGuardian has provided a comprehensive Pear Deck teacher’s guide for further insights.

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