GoGuardian Launches Integrated Pear Deck Learning Ecosystem for Enhanced Educational Tools

K–12 education technology company GoGuardian has introduced a consolidated portfolio of curriculum tools named Pear Deck Learning. This unified solution encompasses four learning tools, some of which have been rebranded, and are designed to “address pandemic-related learning gaps while harnessing educational technologies to enhance efficiency, aid in planning, and facilitate the crucial task of achieving positive learning outcomes,” as stated in an official release from the company.

Pear Deck Learning comprises the following components:

  • Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic): Equips educators with insights into student learning and mastery of standards through visualizations and comprehensive reports.
  • Pear Deck: Provides personalized instruction and immediate feedback through an interactive platform.
  • Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe): Facilitates on-demand access to one-on-one personal tutors and tailored assistance for students across all grade levels.
  • Pear Practice (formerly Giant Steps): Offers differentiated practice in a gamified format that encourages collaboration, learning progress, and mastery aligned with standards-based curriculum, accompanied by detailed reports.

“By combining these user-friendly tools within Pear Deck Learning, we have created a robust support system for teachers and students that transcends the capabilities of individual applications,” the company elaborated. “These solutions will seamlessly integrate with other leading tools in the industry and yield interconnected data sets that furnish actionable insights to inform teachers’ instructional planning.”

Pear Deck Learning seamlessly integrates with Google for Education tools such as Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education, and Google Cloud.

“The comprehensive ecosystem of Pear Deck Learning now streamlines the utilization of GoGuardian’s educational products to foster positive student outcomes,” remarked Alisa Sommer O’Hara, Global Head of EdTech Partnerships and Programs at Google. “Google is delighted to continue collaborating with GoGuardian to deliver these impactful solutions to classrooms worldwide.”

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