Students Login

Are you bored of age-old classroom lessons?

What if I say, now students can join sessions in an interactive and engaging way

You don’t believe?

Let me introduce, Pear Deck an educational interactive platform where teachers can create an engaging presentation that students can understand easily. This edu platform helps teachers monitor each student’s performance. In this article, we will teach you a step-by-step guide on how students will join Pear Deck sessions. The students can join the session only with the JoinPD code provided by the teacher.

Note: Students don’t need to create a Pear Deck account

Students to Join Pear Deck Sessions

  • Make sure you have your Gmail or Microsoft account handy
  • After receiving the JoinPD code from your teacher
  • Go to a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Type in the address bar of the webpage
  • After visiting the official website, Click on Student/Tutor Log In
  • After clicking, a new window will pop up where you need to select one option
  • Click on “Student Log In which is under the Pear Deck
  • Enter the JoinPD code, 5 digits in the required field to join the session
  • Once you enter the code, Click on Join Session
  • After clicking, signing in with your Gmail or Microsoft credentials to access the Pear Deck account
  • Finally, you have successfully joined the session