Pear Deck Receives Research-Based Design Certification by Digital Promise

Pear Deck, a leading education technology company, has achieved the coveted Research-Based Design product certification from Digital Promise, a respected education nonprofit. This certification serves as a trusted marker for consumers, particularly school administrators and educators, who seek evidence of research-backed edtech products. To secure this recognition, Pear Deck provided compelling evidence to Digital Promise, showcasing a strong link between the product’s design and research on effective learning strategies. Digital Promise emphasizes that research-based products are crucial as they are more likely to cater to the diverse needs of learners, owing to their design rooted in valid, empirical research on learning methodologies.

Michal Eynon-Lynch, the Co-Founder and Chief Educator of Pear Deck, expressed pride in earning this certification, highlighting the company’s proactive efforts to develop Pear Deck as a tool that supports proven instructional strategies. “School leaders and teachers require effective edtech tools that enhance learning and engagement, especially in today’s educational landscape,” stated Eynon-Lynch.

Founded in 2014 by educators with a vision to revolutionize classroom technology, Pear Deck has been dedicated to creating impactful tools that foster learning and connectivity. Throughout this year, the company has swiftly implemented new product features, infrastructure enhancements, and resources to assist an expanding number of classrooms worldwide in their transition to remote learning.

Karen Cator, the President and CEO of Digital Promise, emphasized the importance of identifying edtech products that genuinely aid student learning. She stated, “Schools and families are seeking edtech products that can truly facilitate student learning.”

The Research-Based Design product certification follows a competency-based learning framework developed in collaboration with Digital Promise’s Learner Variability Project advisory board, expert researchers in the Learning Sciences field, and numerous educators across the United States. For more in-depth information, Digital Promise has released a new report titled “Designing Edtech that Matters for Learning: Research-Based Design Product Certifications.”

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