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You were on the right page and in this article, we are gonna share with you the subscription plans along with their features of Pear Deck. Therefore we request you not skip this article instead you can continue to read this article till the end to clarify all queries you have.

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As we all know Pear Deck is an innovative educational tool that enhances the learning experience among the students. With Join Pear Deck, teachers can create an interactive presentation through Google Slides that is easy for students to understand. It helps teachers to monitor the student’s performance by providing real-time feedback.

Pear Deck provides a wide range of advanced and premium features to its users. Without any doubt, tutors are keen to incorporate Join Pear Deck into their teaching gadgets. Pear Deck has 3 subscription plans for its tutors and they are as follows :

Pear Deck Free Version

Pear Deck Free Version is an excellent option for tutors who are looking for some free tools. This plan is free of cost to tutors who want to engage with their students through interactive presentations. The Free version includes basic features that will enhance classroom engagement.

Key Features

  • Generate engaging lessons through interactive polls, quizzes, questions, and assessment
  • Make use of Classroom tools provided by Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Collect student responses Privately
  • Permit students to participate in lesson sessions without revealing their names through email
  • Access ready-to-teach templates that are designed by experienced tutors
  • Voculabury learning with Flashcard Factory

Pear Deck Premium Version

Pear Deck Premium Version comes up with advanced features for the tutors to provide the maximum benefits with this pricing plan. The price for the premium version starts from $125 per year especially for tutors who want to deliver a premium level of learning experience.

Key Features

  • Keep track of student answers by name using the teacher’s dashboard
  • Increased test security measures and tools to get rid of cheating
  • Extra tools to improve accessibility
  • Monitor students in sync with Locks and Timers
  • Share student progress with Takeaways
  • Can add audio to Google Slides
  • Provide feedback with Teacher Feedback(Beta) to individual students during sessions
  • Premium question types like draggable and drawing responses

Pear Deck School & District Version

Pear Deck School & District Version is idle for educational institutions and districts. There is no specific price as it is custom-tailored depending on the size and requirements of the institutions.

Key Features

  • No extra fees for data storage
  • Premium features for all teachers and students
  • Valuable insights and data with Real-time reports
  • Custom-made training options and professional development
  • Assistance for onboarding and implementation